Loaded Schedule

"What do we do when we fall of the horse, Derek?"

"....I'm not a gymnist, Maurie!"

Whew. Today was not one of those days were I'm pumped to get on the bike and hammer. Despite getting in 10 hours of quality "aided" sleep last night (aka Tylenol PM) in the rucus of my dorm room, I still felt like I was hit by a truck all morning and afternoon. My head was all there, focused and ready to roll, but my body was drifting out from under me.

At first I thought, "Just go out for 30 min and see if you wake up." Then I took a short nap during statics class around 2 pm. I figured that was a telltale sign that my body needed some more rest, so the afternoon was spent in bed, with the earplugs in, trying to block out the noise of the dorm room around me. I love my dorm!

The sleep still came though...2 hours of it to be exact. My head is feeling 95% awake now, without the need for caffiene or any stimulant--perfect! So Wednesday has now become a rest day, and Thursday-Friday-Sat-Sun will be a 4-day endurance building session for me. Sweet! Tommorow Freshman Steve is heading out for a base ride towards New Gloren at noon...and I am so there. Should be epic, in a non-mtb sort of way.

Tommorow I get to visit the Milwaukee Fire Department for a tour of the facilities...and my team and I are supposed to design a fire-axe holding mechanism for the firefighters and the fire trucks. I guess this project actually has some real world application, but I'd much rather be designing an engine, a bike, or a machine. Another telltale sign that ME is the right major for me.

I'll be home in 2 days...and riding in colder, wetter weather for longer peroids of time. At least my man Cole "so-pro" House will be joining me--with the yellow and blue leg warmers and all!

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