Wind + Wet = Freezing Limbs

I'm at the door. I reach into my back pocket with my goulish, purple-tinted hand and attempt to curl my fingers around my room key stashed in my jersey pocket. Fumbling with my cell phone, spare tube, and energy gel, I finally manage to hear a distant "jingle" of keys flopping around in my pocket. My fingers have no feeling--the pain is has long since been raped from my hands by the wind and slush of the open road. Something falls on the ground. Struggling in a daze of dehydration and hypothermia, I attempt to bend down and pick up my fallen keys. With a bit of wit, and some luck, my room key lands in my hand and I rise in order to unlock my door...

Whew! What a ride. My body sure isn't made for Wisconsin winter weather. With plans of only going out for 2 hours this morning to spin out the legs one more day before begining Base II, I met up with Freshman Steve, Max, Jordan R., and others for a jolly ol' ride in the freshly fallen snow. I took the XTC (and consequently spent 1.5 hours cleaning it afterwards) with full mountain bike knobbies to slow down my speed and, hopefully, retain some body heat.


Slush, salt, puddles, and snow blanketed every square inch of the roads around Madison this Saturday afternoon. Although fairly warm at 30-35 degrees, the "calle mojado" dumped it's icy cold water all over me and my "windproof, not waterproof" clothing.

Within 2 hours my toes and hands were crying for mercy. Unfortunately we were in Paoli, over 1 hour still from my dorm. Somehow I made it. Having someone to talk to makes it all the easier.

Good ride. Good times. Hopefully tommorow the roads clear enough to ride the road bike and stay quite a bit warmer. 4 hours is the goal, and with it, the first day of Base II.

One month from this Monday is the first collegiate road race in Depauw, IN. Crunch time!


Jason said...

It is a good thing you have people to ride with in weather like that.

Ryan Baumann said...

Otherwise I wouldn't ride! (Outdoors, that is).

I'm continually impressed with the level of competition found in Madison, WI. I saw two other groups of riders out on the road today too. They didn't look surprised to see the UW team out in crappy weather.