It's Snowing!

Wow, what a winter this has been! First it's deathly cold all through November, and then all the snow melts in December, and it's Spring in January. Now 2 inches of snow has fallen in the past 45min with absolutely no prediction from weather.com. Those weathermen still can't get it right!

Ugg...I cut my 30min TT test short today since my wattage was too low. I averaged my target wattage for 10 min, but my precieved exertion was too high and I knew my power was going to significantly drop over the next 20 min. So I called it a day and spun the legs out the rest of the ride. I'm putting the test on hold until after my Base II peroid, a month from now, hoping that I'll be properly recovered for the effort then.

It's offical: BASE II is here!

This month brings more volume and a bit more tempo intensity workouts, aka "sweet spot" training. I'm actually taking the time to plan out each week's goals and workouts now, in the hopes that I can achieve minor goals on the way to achieving my season goals. Baby steps each week. But it works!

Cole House just picked up an SRM powermeter, and has commited to getting a coach for the 06 season--what could happen? I can't wait to see Mr. House kick some road and mtb ass on a good training plan.

Things were shaping up well--until it decided to snow. Looks like tommorow's road ride will be on the XTC instead of the Fuji. The only downside is the lack of the powermeter...but on the bright side, it's supposed to be above freezing all week long, so the snow won't last.

Kerkove has just discovered Ullrich's big secret! It must work!

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