Base riding and Ebay

Allan Davis takes the final stage of the Tour Down Under. Sweet name for a Tour. Those Austrailans really know how to do the Tour thing.
Ahhh...what a great ride today. I hope this weekend ride becomes a tradition throughout all my years here at Madison--the same group of guys gets out and tacks on the miles while making fun of each other the entire ride; but in a good way, ya know? Makes training a hell of a lot more fun each and every day.
Ride facts Sunday, 1/22/06
  1. 60 mile distance
  2. 170 watt average power output
  3. 195 watts normal power
  4. 2 pee stops
  5. 4 hours of ride time
  6. 5 pounds of slush littered all over the Fuji road bike
  7. 0 frozen body parts (thanks to triple layered gloves and socks--I know, I'm cold blooded)
  8. 3 servings of apple ciniman Hammer Gel, 2 servings of HEED, 3 bottles of H20 consumed
  9. 0 crashes riding 23c tires through extended snow covered road sections
  10. 10 gallons of water sprayed on fellow teamates from rear tire (no fenders, so ride in the front of the pack and let the other eat your wake!)

Now for the rest of the week--it's already planned out, so my 13 hours of ride time are securely in place. Unfortunately it takes 1 hour of cleaning after every ride outdoors at this time of year. I should really piece together that cross frame and parts I have sitting at home...

EBAY TIME-- I have 5 parts on ebay right now, check out my auctions by clicking here. All procedes go to a cyclist on a budget. Please give as much as you can spare. Thank you!

Maybe I could build up the rest of that cross bike with the money I earn...?

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