What a day, what a day!

It was one of those days were you just don't get a chance to really cool down. Things just keep snowballing over the day, until everything kind of piles up in your face by the time you settle down for bed.

That's what happened today.

This am--I found out one of my friends, Claude (another engineering student) is looking for a roomate after rethinking his 6-roomate apartment choice for next year. I accept. I end up calling 3 different real estate agencies and arranging a showing for tommorow afternoon. At 3:45 pm I'll be offically searhing for apartments...I'll bring my camera, don't worry!

Then it was off to class for some serious learning time--Materials Science and an Engineering lecture. Stopped at the post office to pick up some boxes for my Ebay items that are ending Sunday. Don't forget to check em' out here!

More classes in the afternoon. It was an absolutely beautiful, sunny day outside, and Brent wanted to take a spin on the bike, so I tagged along for a good jaunt over and through Paoli and Observatory hill. We did a couple of friendly sprints to bring out the competetive spirit--and Brent, it's decided, is definatly going to be the UW Madison B team sprinter. He whizzed right by me when I was putting out 1150 watts during a sprint. No problem. Not bad, not bad at all!

So the ride goes a bit longer than planned, and I get back to my dorm with 30 minutes to undress, shower, redress, eat dinner, and get to my 6 pm engineering lab. Pulling myself together, I manage to complete the daring deed, despite eating 2 bowls of veggie bean soup in all of 5 minutes. Oh well, at least I didn't succumb to the greasy hamburger and pizza trap that the dorm cafeteria has set up.

Then at my engineering lab (3 hours of FUN!), I find out that our team project for the semester is going to be designing and producing an axe carrier for the Milwaukee Fire Depatment. Aparantly the fire department has had some accidents resulting from their fire aces being launched off of their fire trucks during crashes, and each firefighter has difficulty carrying his/her axe because there is no method of attaching the axe handle to the firefighter suit. So who do you call...that's right, some freshman engineerning students. We're your last and only hope to save the Milwaukee Fire Department from certain self-destruction!

Whew...I'm done for the day. It turns out the next few days are going to be PERFECT for riding, but I'm pretty sure tommorow will be a day off completely. If it rains this weekend, then I'll get wet on my base rides. So be it. I'm already tackling a huge team project this semester, so what is a bunch of wet weather going to do to stop me from riding?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

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