Tempo and...a job?

What a day, what a day! Thinking that my Engineering class assignment to visit the Engineering Career Fair (as a Freshman!?) and talk with 3 employers about internships was just routine stuff, I headed off to the ECS building at 11:00 am just as the fair opened up. Lo and behold, one of my target companies was right inside the doors--Schneider National--aka the "big orange truck" company.

So the conversation kicks off pretty well. Schneider National has it's headquarters in Green Bay, on Packerland street in the industral park in Ashwaubenon, so I figured I may know one of the employee's at the table. Who whouldda thunk--the first guy I speak with, Jesse, is not only an employee and recruiter for Schneider, but also a cyclist! He seems more intersted in my racing career than in my resume I had painstakingly prepared the night beforehand. Cool.

So the meeting goes well, we have some laughs, and we get to talking about internships. They're looking for a freshman or sophmore BS in mechanical engineering to work on the planning software for "the big orange trucks". I'm intersted...and Jesse says I'm in. Anything for a fellow cyclist.

So I guess I may or may not be working at JB Cylce again over the summer...more to come on that in the coming weeks. But if the oppertunity arises, I don't see how I could turn it away. Most engineering students really struggle to get any internships at all, let along their Freshman year. One tick ahead of the curve, that's what I always say!

Maybe I get to drive the big orange truck!

Back to reality--after the career fair success, I continued right onto my training for the day: a tempo ride, or as I've started calling it in abbreviated terms, 40 min of M1. M1 meaning a tempo power output of 260-300 watts for 40 min nonstop. This is also close to what I've been calling "sweet spot" training up until now, meaning you get a huge bang for your buck on training time vs. training adaption--meaning less time training, but a big difference in power output. No wonder they call it "sweet" spot training!

After the M1 stuff, I got my spin on doing 5 spinup intervals, or S1 intervals as I call them. For 30 seconds I increase my cadence until I can't go any faster, then I just hold that cadence as long as I can. 5 min of rest, then repeat.

I hit 186 rpm's today, seated...a new record for me! Mabe I can hit 200 rpm's by the end of the month...?

Looking at the training plan for the rest of Week I of Base II (13 hours ride time):

  • Wednesday--Day off completely
  • Thursday--2 hour E2 endurance ride w/ 6 S4 "seated form sprints"
  • Friday--2 hour E2 ride w/ 3x10min Muscle Tension intervals
  • Saturday--3 hour E2 ride focusing on F1 seated hill endurance

Cole just got his bike ready for the season: ya think he'll be ready, or would he rather just shoot more wrabbits?


gregcribb said...

Anybody who is in collage and goes to a career fair gets a internship. That is why thay have career fairs. Plus there is 100 thousand jobs out there for engineers. However, I am extermely happy to see you got the internship!! Congrats!!
check my blogg out I will update it every few days.

Jordan Peterson said...

I'm doing the sweet spot training tomorrow with spins up after it too. Today was just a 1 hour recovery day. Good job on your training man looks like you'll be ready for your first race!

Ryan Baumann said...

The only question is who will work in place of me at JB Cycle...we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I have no idea what my hours or work schedule will be, and probably won't know for quite some time, if I actually get the job.

So no need to worry yet.