Bloggin about resting

Rest. Recover. The worst, yet most important, day of the week.

How bout those apartments? I can't wait to check out my living acomodations for next year, they're going to be PIMP. With a capital P!

Some races that I'm thinking about for this Spring and Summer:

1) Rock Cut Enduro on April 30th in Rockford, IL
2) Blockhouse Roll sometime in October in Platville, WI
3) Muskego Park Crit, May 22nd

Now to attend to some homework...


crimson comet said...

or... PIMP with a catital P and I and M and P?

Ryan Baumann said...

Straight up. My roomate Diandre loves to "PIMP" things up a bit on Friday nights.

You and he would get along well.