Deep Thoughts (with Jack Handy)

Random thoughts today...

1) I'm in the mechanical engineering department at a huge engineering school. Why am I here? What kind of company could I possibly want to work for?

Response: Tommorow I'm headed for the career fair in the Engineering Centers Building. Maybe I'll find some answers (and do my homework assignment of attending the fair...).

2) It takes a lot of time to train seriously for cycling. But I can't see myself doing anything else with my spare time. When I do have spare time, and no homework to do, I'm quite unproductive and very lazy. I wonder how lazy I'd be if I didn't race my bike?

Response: I'll keep riding--a lot--and see where it takes me.

3) My roomate is still either non-exsistant or incognito. On Friday, he stopped by (he lives in Milwaukee, where I can only assume he is right now) and poked his head through the room door. I see his dark black gotee move a bit and the sounds, "Hey, Ryan" come out of it.

And then he was gone. He left before I could even respond to him.

And he's still not back.

Response: .....(I'm still thinking about that one)...

4) Recovery rides work REALLY well. My legs feel super good after a 1 hour spin and 20 minutes of core muscle pumping after class today. With the PT and a sweet Cycleops fluid trainer, it's so easy, it's almost scary.

Response: Maybe I'll even ride the trainer for recovery during the summer...maybe...okay, probably not. But it would be a good idea, if I actually did it.

5) Global warming--is it just me, or is the average high for the entire month of January about 15 degrees above normal?

Response: Actually I'm wrong--the average high this year has been 35 degrees, while the normal average high is 27 degrees. So it's only 8 degrees above average. Sweet.

6) Can weight weeines go too far with saving weight on their bikes?

Response: Hell yes--check out this defunct rim after some weeine got drill-happy

Tempo riding tommorow. Should be fun in the 25 mph winds they are predicting!


gregcribb said...

Hay Ryan, enjoy that wind tommorow!

Ryan Baumann said...

I'll try not to let my sweet new aero wheels throw me off the side of the road! Or let my fingers go so knumb that I can't open my dorm room with the key!

Heh--at least the Ultegra pedals finaly came in the mail. UPS, what a joke!

Thanks for sending em' though.