Suffering is a virtue

Check out the suffering room I spent an hour or two in this afternoon:

Really, it's quite cool. Randy's got quite the nice setup there, complete with 3 ventialtion fans, the projection screen, 4 Computrainer units, a master computer, and so much more. Soon to be installed is a complete stereo system and A/C unit for a nice, cool temperature all ride long!

I did a 30min threshold wattage test. It hurt. it was supposed to hurt. But the restults were good. My threhold wattage:


I couldn't believe how close that was to my actual guesstimate before the test. Now I really know WHY I can still ride up hills with the best of them despite weight of 170ish pounds--my power/weight ratio is 4.5 still. I'll bet the climb-meiser D-Fowler is closer to 5.2 watts/Kg, but I'll catch up soon. Not in the weight department--but in sheer power. The engine is primed and ready to burn, boys!

I've gotta learn some of Wellen's sick nija moves--next time some unfortunate soul decides to spit and hate on me all race, I'll give em' a piece of what I'm made of on my victory lap!

Tommorw--back to work! Can you believe it, after a 4 month hiatus I'm back to good ol' JB Cycle for a winter shift or two (or more, please, I'm broke Jeff!). I'm looking forward to it, I've missed the cozy old shop (both of these adjectives very accurately describe the shop). Maybe I'll take the digi cam to document the experience tommorw. That would cause a rucus, I'm sure...

First things first though, I'm off to study the Calc some more. Then to bed at a decent time so I can get up in time to head over to the Reforestation Camp tommorow mornin' for a ski though the woods. I'll be good and awake (and frozen) for my 10am shift at JB, that's for sure.

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Cliff said...

I saw that video where he kick the spectator.....maybe in the future they will add that component to cyclocross...kick down a spectator before u move on to the next lap :)