First things first--I successfully survived my Chem final this morning. Notice that I refered to it as "surviving" and not "nailing". It was one tough test.

Unfortunately, due to a strange sequence of events, I wasn't able to put a ride in on the trainer or get to the Nat this afternoon. I may set up the trainer at home and do a 45min spin later tonight, however.

My eating habits are good. My weight won't change though. I hope that means I'm gaining muscle and loosing fat at the same time!

Now that I'll be chillin' back at the home town scene, I plan to get into some XC skiing and snowboarding. It'll be a very welcome break from the constant gym workouts at the Nat the past 4 weeks. Plus, of course, riding the Computrainer and Cyceops Fluid II at Stadium bike.

Tommorow is a "Christmas Party" at the Baumann household. Should be fun, I've got some fellow friends and racers stopping by to chat between 1-4pm. Feel free to stop by!

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Jordan Peterson said...

Ryan send me an email. j_peterson28@yahoo.com