Flogging, finiking finals

Absolute elation! Finals are done, I'm finally done with studying and school, and its only 2 weeks until I head off to Tuscon for a visit with G-Cribb, whooo-hoooo!

The last three days have been packed full with...stuff to do, but not much worth mentioning. I made the inagural return work at JB Cycle, sporting some fresh motivation to get things done despite the winter weather. I sold some interesting items to some last-minute gift shoppers, including a pair of FSA TT aerobars, some pink grips, lots of JB Cycle gift certificates, and of couse the bornig Cateye Velo 5 computer.

The past two days have been pretty sparse on the training front. I was working all day and then had to study at night, so the trainer riding time was quite limited.

Today made up for that. I met Ryan Wenzlick over at Stadium Bike for a good ol' training session on the Computrainer setup. We got in a bit of frenzy over who could sprint at the highest wattage, so I took him up on the offer to see what I could hit. With 5 min intervals between sprints, I got up to 1026 watts. Not bad, considering that I'm locked indoors on a stationary trainer and can't rock the bike back and forth to get as much power as possible.

Ryan tired pretty quick--his ride time this winter has been pretty low due to a "new" sport--XC skiing! Who woulda thunk?

I spun for some more after he left until Shawn Hauser and my Dad showed up for a bit. Shawn actually ended up ditching out, since he had been up all night watching the ice storm develop on the highway. What a tough job, I'd rather be asleep than covering the latest weather development in the middle of the night...but I'm lazy!

My dad and I suffered through some hills--even a sustained 8% climb for a couple of miles--before calling it a day. Todays stat's:

Ride Time: 3 hrs, 12 min
Ave. Wattage: 240 watts
Ave HR: 152
Ave Speed: 20.1 mph
Peak wattage: 1027 watts
Kcal burned: 2041
Music: Fast rock, including Blink 182, Green Day, and Simple Plan. Also some Tecno thrown in there courtsey of Ryan Wenzlick.

Off to Chicago to see the family tommorow. Screw politics--and happy holidays--


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