"Study Day"--Sponsors and Clothes

I can't believe the University decided to give its students a "study day" before finals. As Geo quaintly stated in my post from Wednesday--"Study day" actually means "do something fun day" or "don't study day". I like study days.

The new Wisconsin team kit is slick--and when I say slick, I mean badass. All black. A gigantic red W on the chest. Pair that up with my black and red carbon Fugi and we're ready for business. Check out the Jersey and the Shorts. In fact, the kit is so slick I had to get a sweet Louis Garneau Windtex jacket in Wisconsin black and red to match. We are going to have to kick some SERIOUS ass this year with this look--No problem!

On top of that, Shawn Hauser just sealed the deal with yet another sponsor--Maxxis Tires! Maxxis makes some of the best tires in the biz, both road and mountain. They have some really cool new tecnology in their new tires like the 3-tread compound Courschvel, and the ultra-light semi-slick mountain bike Maxxlite 310. For racing next year, I think I'm going to run the Courschvel road tire (for those 'dope crit corners, yo!) and the CrossMark on the mtb--the tead pattern looks delicous:

Hard to pass up, if I do say so myself...

More trainer riding to come today. I'm thinking of a little bit more intense session today to compensate for being lazy and "studying" all day long. Here's the plan

  1. 15 minute warmup
  2. Stomp intervals--5 sets, 20 seconds each. Start out at 15mph in a big gear, and STOMP on the pedals (stay seated) for 20 seonds using as much power as possible. 4-5 minute recovery between each set.
  3. Spin out the legs for 10 min
  4. Muscle Tension intervals--3 sets, 5 min each. Pedal at a low cadence while seated with very high resistance (big gear on the trainer). Get to HR zone 4 or 5a. 5 min rest between sets.
  5. Spin for 10 min
  6. One leg pedaling drills--work up to a full 60sec on each leg with full recovery between sets.
  7. Cooldown 10 min

Call it a day, scarf down some lunch, and hit the books some more.

Tommorow I leave for home with Emily and Laura. Hopefully I'm not totally fried from my Chem final in the morning so I have at least a CHANCE of riding in the afternoon. We'll see.

In the meantime, BURN that fat off--go ride your bike!

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