It is here

The Power Tap has arrived. It's at JB Cycle. It will be in my hands Saturday night.

Big thanks goes out to Jeff Wentworth at JB for hooking me up--yet again. I'm going broke being an employee at that shop, no matter how much I work. And it doesn't seem to stop once you stop "working" there: Jordan Roessingh still stops by plenty of times for "former employee" deals on helmets, jerseys, etc. It never ends!

Prez of UW cycling club Mr. Steve Knurr claims that I look just like a certain Eric Derolier--who, according to the Prez, was "the coolest, dopest trackie-like dude ever to come on the UW team."

I have no idea what that means, along with most everything else that comes out of Mr. Knur's mouth. But it sounds cool, nonetheless.

I may end up getting Mike Garcia of oddsandendos.com to build up my wheel. He is just as talented as Dave Thomas at Speed Dream, but SIGNIFICANTLY cheper. Money is good--less money, that is!

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