Guess what I'm chewin' on?

It snowed today. A lot. This morning we were at 8 inches total, now I bet we're up to 10 or 11 total. I bet this weekend I'll be trudgin to my chem final amidst almost a foot of white powder.

I can' wait to get my ski on at the Reforestation Camp back in GB starting this coming Sunday. You can only ride the trainer so much. First things first though--I need to get to Stadium and do my power profile test.

The damage has been done--my Powertap is on the way! My debit card statement makes the $$ seem all too real...but it will be well worth the cash. I also picked up the Cycling Peaks software, which, by the way, is the best thing ever to happen to power training. You can analyize your data till your eyes bleed in every way, shape, and form. Good stuff. I found out Bjarne Riis' threshold power is 420 WATTS! Amazing stuff that the pros have, my threshold is probably 100 watts less than that.

Today was a day off. The legs needed a break after all that cadence training Sunday and Tuesday. That means tommorow is swimming and weights, Friday is the trainer again, and Saturday is up for grabs still. I may play some racquetball, or just chill after finishing my chem final. It'll take a lot otta' me I know.

If you ever wonder what it's like to be on a college bike team--here's a great example:

>To: uw-cycle@lists.wisc.edu
>Subject: [uw-cycle] Mt Bike Down Bascom Hill?!?
>Date: Wed, 14 Dec 2005 17:03:39 -0600
>Anyway up for some shinaniganery? I was thinking something tonight
>while the snow is fresh. Maybe 10 or 11? Anywhere other than Bascom
>that would be fun?!? Let me know.
>winter clothes + snow = lots of cushioning for doing fun things!!!

And the response:

Amen to that.
how about a wheelie off good 'ol Abe's head? LOU?here you go: from Bascom's newly remodeled and "pristine" columns, you launch onto ABE's head, triple endo wheelie with a shansky kick flip, then down the hill.NIIIICE.

how about skiing on study day (friday)? AM, Elver-ish, 9am-ish.oh and by the way, in the cycling club, "study day" means "do something worthwhile day" or "not studying day".

just so you know.



Sarah Lukas said...

Haha- well by the sounds of the email- You must have went with them! Hmmm...maybe not. Well, enjoy that snow- we just got hit with a bunch as well.

Sarah Lukas said...

Hey Ryan- That'd be awesome if you wanted to help me with my training plan- Just let me know where to start!