Cross natl's and dirty socks

Todd Wells takes the Elite men's victory--and dances across the finish line. I've got to ask Todd how he came up with that brillant victory "salute"...

At the Nat today I started the "max transition" weight phase. Not too many differences yet compared to what I've been doing the past 8 weight sessions. Today I just reduced my reps to 15 per set and slowly increased the weight by 10-20%. I still feel like weights are not really neccessary, but I'm too chicken to NOT lift them. What happens if you don't? Everyone will make fun of me!

The worst part about weights today was the locker room. Although not overly disgusting as some male locker rooms that I've been in are, the locker room at the Nat is still wet and soiled. The weight room smells of ass and beer--not surprising given the crowd there, I may add. All of that beer and ass gets trampled into the locker room every day. And today, that same beer and ass got all over my socks. No--I'm not speaking metaphoriclly. My socks smell. Bad. And the worst part was I actually put my feet in them.

Some days...

I paid my housing bill today. There goes another couple grand I could've used. I suppose I could just live in a tent outside the dorms. That would work--I'd be cold--but it would work.

On a brighter note, I called up Dave Thomas at Speed Dream wheels today and inquired about getting that Power Tap SL wheel built up. As usuall, Dave had just the answer I was looking for--Light, stiff, durable, and cheap. Cha-ching!--the Power Tap is on order from JB cycle. I'll claim that it's a "Christmas present" to myself. A really big, nice, life-changing present for myself.

Power Tap wheel Build specs:
  1. Velocity aerohead OC rim, 28H offset (black)
  2. 14 Wheelsmith 15/16 spokes on non-drive side, 2x
  3. 14 Wheelsmith 14/15 spokes on drive side, 3x

Drool...I hope it's ready to go by early January. Time to get dope on the power, bro!

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