Study intervals

Finals week.

Books to violate. Papers to scribble on. Projects to vanquish.

Study. Stop. Ride. Eat. Study. Stop. Ride. Eat. Study...then update the blog, but of course.

Today I got a total of 2hrs of spinning on the trainer done. More speed skills work, complete with the 1-foot drills and high cadence intervals. Try this interval for size:

Seated speed drills:
  • After warm up, spin for 5 min at 107-115 rpm in an easy gear
  • Recover for 8 minutes, keeping cadence >95
  • Spin for 5 min at 115-125 rpm in an easy gear
  • Recover for 8 minutes, keep cadence >100
  • Spin for 5 min at 115-125 rpm, in an easy gear, with 20s bursts to 125-130 rpm
  • Cool down

The legs are feeling good. I'm keeping the good eating habits down. Life is moving along swiftly--before you know it, I'll be riding in Tuscon with Cribb. Whooo-hooo!

Got to calm down though--I've got a final tommorow to study for. Spanish. My very last Spanish final ever...this is my last semester. Spanish 226 is enough. Adios, me has tratado bien, espanol! Quiero voy a Espana algun dia, pero ahora, este es el final. Hasta luego.

Ahhh...it would be nice to xc ski in all the snow we have...oh yeah, and the rockies in the background wouldn't be a bad thing, either.

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