I did IT

I really did it today. I know it's hard to believe, but it happened. I promised myself that I wouldn't do it until later, but it happened just the same. It's inevitable, and dreadful, all at the same time. Until this morning I was contemplating swearing it off for life. But my promises don't seem to last that long, do they...

I rode the trainer--yes, in my dorm room. Yes, it was able to show off my mad skillz spinning like crazy for two hours in the isolated cycling mecca of the Kronsage dorms.

Despite a not being able to ride at Matt Holeko's place, I figured that I'd ride my own little workout in the safety and "realitive" comfort of my dorm room.

Since I'm still in the preparation period, just did an endurance ride in zone 2 HR for 45 min, as well as some cadence drills called spin ups--you gradually ramp up your cadence over a 30sec interval until you are at your max: then hold it until you start to slow down. Rest five minutes, then repeat. I also hit up a few intervals of the one-legged drills. OUCH! I need to work on these drils again, my legs are killing me after putting out that much effort in one leg.

It's all for the good. Two hours of spinning today means a full day off this week to study for finals. Who-hoo!--only 6 days left of school...

Check out a Quicktime video of my sweet 105rpm spin HERE.

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