Prep'in for the season

This week is offically the start of the "preparation" period of my training. I'm not quite to the "base I" level yet, I'm just keeping the endurance up and weight training often. This is the time of year where I get to expirement with cross training too--running, racquet ball, swimming, yoga, etc. Yet so far I've only ventured into swimming and running, but I'm sure that will expand as the winter gets colder and the days get shorter.

Here is some GREAT training advice from Cycle-Smart. Bookmark this page! This coach has got some down-to-earth articles on how to train without overtraining-- which happens to be one of my main goals for 2006.

Today was more gym work at the Nat. I got to pump some megar lead and run on the elliptical trainer for 45 minutes or so. The sad part was that the woman next to me was benching like twice as much as I was. She could even leg press as much as I could! No wonder I eliminated body building from the sports I wanted to try years ago.

Tommorow I've got some time on my hands to do stuff, so I hope to play some racquet ball with someone from the UW team, and mybe I'll go to the spin class in the evening with Brent. Unfortunately, its been a plesantly chilly 28 degrees outside, so that means no riding for a bit.

Maybe I need to get me-self one of these Seven Cross bikes to occupy my time in the winter...?


Pete Basso said...

Ryan, thanks for the tip on the Cycle-Smart website. There's some great info on there. It's been bookmarked for future reference.

Ryan Baumann said...

Yeah, its good stuff there, an't it? I was searching for Cross racing info when I stumbled across it.

It makes me want to change my major and try Sports Medecine so I can become a coach too!