Spinnin' and Swimmin'

I got my swim and spin on today at the NAT and the SURF, respectively. After my early day of classes ended today, I headed out to the Nat for open swim around 11:45am. The pool at the Nat is pretty impressive--its the one that the swimming and diving teams practice at every day. There are 10 lanes set up in the pool, ranked from "slow", to "moderate", to "fast".

I thought, "I'm definatly not slow because I'm still in decent shape, but I'm probably not fast becasue I don't race."

Wrong. I should have picked the "slow" lane. There was an older guy in my lane who told me "he's just going to go real easy today" who whooped my ass every single lap. Wow! The guy practicly didn't even move his body--and he was flying right past me--while I was kicking and raching like mad into the water with every stroke. I guess its kind of like a newbie triathalete coming on a group ride with our team--we think its funny because our version of "easy" is his "all-out" ride. It's the same way in the pool too, I guess!

So I managed to get 45min of swimming in with five 50m sprints. Once again, my sprints were all out, but the old guy went just a little bit slower than me the whole time, barely even working.

Maybe by Februrary I'll be up to that level. But do I really want to be?

After taking a 4 hour break and getting some lunch and doing some homework, I was off to the SURF to do a spin class with the UW team. D-Fowler showed up, along with Matt Waite; and some women too. Daina was the instructor today (he's also a rider on the UW team), so he made a pretty tough sprint interval workout for the evening. All in all, I got about 75min of good spinning in the legs without feeling overly tired. That's a good sign!

Body weight today: 77.8Kg. 5 more kilos to go to get to that target weight for next season! I can't let the "Christmas" season get to my belly too much now...

Tommorow I'm *probably* going home with D-Fowler in the late evening to tie up some loose ends with the Family. With the new snow on the ground, that means a mtb ride will surely happen on Saturday with J-Vog and maybe Roland or D-Fowler. Who's game enough to join me?

It'll look kinda like this:
Slippin' and slidin' in the icy winter snow--just the way December sould be.

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