Last chance to get some fresh air...

Today was THAT DAY--you know, the one you dread every fall. The one day that threatens to ruin your daily routine, the day that prevents you from getting out and enjoying life, the one day that defines who and what you will ever be...

Today, of course, was the last outdoor riding day of 2005.

With highs in the mid 50's and the sun shining bright, I left for a 35 mile loop around Paoli and Observatory hill with the hope that the weather would hold, unlike weather.com was predicitng. They're never right anyway, right?

It poured on me. I didn't have a jacket or leg warmers, but I toughed it out. Really, it turned out to be quite fun since I was able to ride BY MYSELF on the roads outside Madison for the first time EVER, I think. I guess I was the craziest of the crazies to get out in the winter for a ride. The thought of being crazy never crossed my mind when I was riding tempo in the storm, however--I was just enjoying the day.

Workout stats for the day:
  • 34.2 miles ridden
  • Average speed 18.1 mph
  • Ave Heart Rate 141
  • Max Heart Rate 172
  • Elapsed time 1:48:34

Then the weights came after the ride. More easy lifting (at least it SHOULD be easy, but it doesn't FEEL easy) with low weight and high reps. My incline bench skills are embarrasing...I can't even bench the bar 20 reps for 3 sets. Its really not a good idea to make it a goal to bench more weight, but it sure would help me not look like a pussy in the weight room.

2006 Spring Semester Schedule:

  • 13 total credits
  • 4 classes, three are 3 credits, one is a 4 credit class
  • Classes are Calc III, Statics (a physics course), Thermodynamics of materials, and an Engineering lab course
  • Monday and Wednesday--the hard days. Monday I'm done with class at 2:10pm, and Wednesday I'm done at 2:10 but have a 3 hour lab to do from 6-9pm....ouch!
  • Tuesday I'm done at 10:45 (Endurance day!) and Thursday at 11:50 (tempo day!)
  • Friday I'm done at 9:40am with my first class, so from there I can leave for races and weekend events. I have an afternoon class from 1:20-2:10, but I've already taken it in High School so it should be okay to skip...here and there when needed!
  • That's it!

Now if that isn't motivation, I don't know what is! Good things are to come, keep in touch.


Sarah Lukas said...

Sounds like a successful day-and hopefully another year in Madison next year? By the way, I have mark walter's email addy if you need it (muddy cup)


Ryan Baumann said...

I think Madison's a keeper for the next couple of years. I've been getting used to it quite a bit, and although its not CO, its quite nice.

We have some good stuff going for Team 2 next (HOPEFULLY!), so I think that I'll stick with Team 2 unless we stay Team 2. The hope is to get a different bike shop to sponsor us for next year, Stadium Bike. I'll keep you guys updated--Hurry up Shawn!