I like riding my bike

Today was a great day. Although its hardly over yet, we had such a great ride this morning almost nothing could ruin it.

I slept a LOT last night. I didn't realize how tired I was until the 12hr mark slipped by--then I figured that it was time to get my lazy ass up. And take a ride, of course.

I met Dave, Nick "The P-R-O" Reistad, Brian Smith of TIAA-CREFF, Richard, Fred, Matt H., and probably 2 other guys that I'm missing for a 10am spin starting at the Arb. All was well and good, and even though the "weather man" said it would pour on us, it was beautiful the entire ride.

Okay, so I've offically decided that "junk tempo" is just that--junk. Its junk in the sense that--as Brian put it--"If you ride junk tempo, we'll have to kick you in the junk!" Training can't consist of riding "kinda hard, kinda not" all the time. It should be either real fast, like a race or an interval, or real easy going, like a recovery ride. Fun, that is to say, or painful (but still fun).

I had a realization today--I really like riding my bike. More so than I thought before. Don't get me wrong, its always been a good time, but today was particularly enjoyable. Although we didn't climb Blue Mounds Rd., we took a breif fore through Blue Mounds park and we covered a lot of FAST downhills. FAST as in--get this--55mph! I don't think I've ever hit that kind of speed in Wisconsin before. I didn't think that it was possible!

So I want to try my hand at REALLY racing this next year. I'm going to give it my all. As in, I want to find out if I have what it takes. Either road or mountain--I don't care. Whatever I'm good at and enjoy is what matters. I will, of course, keep you updated on if racing for a careear is possible. But right now, I'm trying to decide if its possible for me. I certanly hope so! After talking to Nick and Brian, its easy to see how it can happen. I just have to see if my body and mind are up to the task...?!

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10:00am, more endurance riding tommorow. Stay away rain!

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What size steerer tube in your Fox 100 fork?