Ebay takes time. Time=Money!

So after waking up and dragging myself on the bike this morning, I was immeaditaly alert due to the following:
1) 40 degree temperatures outside
2) Loomin, dreary overcast skies
3) Average wind speeds of 30mph, with 50mph gusts!

Needless to say, it was an Epic ride. We all survived (all 6 of us, that is) to make a 50 mile ride at a painstakingly slow 16mph. So it became an over 3 hour ride of....well, Epic proportions.

I love the wind. Now that I have my toasty new Salsa lobster mits and my Specialized booties, I'm set to take on the entire winter. That was, until the sleet hit. But we still make it back, so no worries--just some cold, wet feet.

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