The cross is on!

I got a bike. A cross bike that is. No, I didn't buy it. I'm "borrowing" it from Bryan Smith, who I thought was supposed to be racing it this weekend for TIAA-CREF, but I guess not anymore!

Not too bad of a look, but I don't get the wheels or tires...I NEED A PAIR OF CROSS TIRES! If you for some reason have a set of wheels and or tires you can get to me for this weekend, email me at rsbaumann@wisc.edu please! It would suck to have to carry this sweet frame all around the course on my back--it'd be even harder to coast down the hills without any wheels!

So I forgot to mention one important fact yet so far--

I don't have a ride to the race yet. Its the State Championships of Cyclocross in Sun Prarie WI, only 15 miles outside Madison...I guess I could ride there? That would make for an intersting day I'll bet!

Its too cold outside! I know, I know, I said that I would refrain from complaining, but its COLD. Thats C-O-L-D cold! It was 10 degress outside with the windchill--save it for January, Nature!

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