The Baumann News Chronicle

Lots of news to go over today:

1) There is a road bike team in Madison looking for new riders from the UW team to fill in some gaps in their Cat3/4 lineup. The team is sponsored by Cronometro, called Brazen Dropouts. The team is composed of a lot of masters riders and very experienced Cat 2 and 3 riders who just don't race enough anymore due to "family" and "job" constraints. With 5 or 6 UW riders joining, this would be a great way for them to get back into the serious race scene and promote their team.

It's also a great way to get my feet wet in criterium/road racing in Wisconsin. This is seriously THE most experienced team in Wisconsin to be on. It would be a huge advantage to have such experienced riders on my team--they could teach us tactics, training methods, and help us plan our race schedule. Plus, Cronometro is throwing in a bunch of great deals for training equipment, like a Power Profile analysis on the Computrainer, and coaching services too.

Nothing is for certain yet, but I'm pretty sure that I will join this team if some other UW riders join me. It would be great if I could upgrade to Cat 3 before Superweek, and then be able to work together with a real team pulling, breaking away, and leading out sprints in Superweek.

2) I managed to get to the gym today, yet again. It was pouring rain and 34 degrees outside all day long, so riding was out of the question for the sane. I "spun" my legs on the Elliptical for an hour, and then I sweated it out for 45 minutes of fat buring on the Stairmaster. I got some weird looks, but thats usual--I'm not the gym type, its just a neccessary evil at this time of year. Hopefully I'll be back outside on the bike by Thursday for a good, long ride.

3) Ebay sales are going great! I've already sold my Race Face Deus crankset and Fox F100x fork, even though those items wern't on eBay in the first place! If you're still interested, check out my auctions here .

4) Turkey day is fast approaching. In the meantime, classes have ramped up, but my study habits havn't changed. Maybe I should change that before next weeks midterms?

5) I'm trying to stay on track as far as training and weight loss are concerned. So far, not too bad. But its only November--I hope to be at 8% BF when I go for the test at Aura Bay Care this January. Keep away the sweets and bring on the salads!

I need to find some new tunes for the Ipod. Tommorow brings on more gym work, with some weights of course...what should I download? More Aerosmith, Green Day, and Blink 182? Or should I go with the classics...maybe some Skinnard? Decisions, decisions...

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