Performance is Futile

Add a little Bling-Bling to your ride--Crank Bro's new Candy 4ti pedals, only $350!

I have goals to set and achieve--and oh yeah, some fun to have too. Are you ready?

  1. Ride in the 30 degree weather outside with Craig, a member of the Brazen Dropouts team
  2. Pump some lead at the Nat
  3. Take a short swim to break in the muscles
  4. Practice some cross manuvers
  5. Build up Brian Smiths Javelin cross bike


  1. Ride with Paul Neilson and (hopefully) others from Brazen Dropouts team
  2. Get a pair of cross wheels, tires, and Crank Bros Candy eggbeater pedals from Paul
  4. ....Study?...


  1. Snag a ride with Kristen Wentworth to the Cross race in Sun Prarie
  2. Keep warm before the race
  3. Have some fun in the Jouniors 18- race
  4. Kick some serious cross-ass in the Mens B race
  5. Wipe the mud off my face after taking a dig trying to bunnyhop the barriers
  6. Take tons of pictures of A riders eating mud on the course
  7. Pose for the sponsors--oh yeah, you know it!

You know, other than that, its time for the EATING FOR PERFORMANCE plan:

GOAL--Reach 8% or lower Body Fat % by January 30th, 2006


  1. Eat several small meals per day, around 5
  2. NO Icecream, yogurt parfaits (my favorie), or coffee creamer
  3. Eat oatmeal and hard boiled eggs for breakfast, or egg whites
  4. Salads for lunch, with organic salad dressing
  5. Eat fruit or vegtables for snacks, like apples, carrots, watermelon, etc.
  6. Use low-calorie protein shakes mid-day if I can't eat a decent snack
  7. Exercise in some way for 90min, every day, even if its really cold outside
  8. Pump that lead, high reps and low weight

BOOM! I'm loosing 1 lb of body fat/week for the next 10 weeks. I gain 5 lbs of muscle mass. A net weight loss of 5 lbs would put me at 6'1'', 168lbs lean and strong!

Now I just need to post these guidelines all over my room so I don't feel like straying from them, say, tommorow night. Constant reminders will get the job done--I'm determined! If I want to go to the next level with my racing, I have to start fueling my body with just what it needs.

Bring it on! I can't wait for the cross race on Sunday, it should be a blast.

Picutes are to come later of the cross bike, after she's built up of course.

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