I can't believe I'm doing this

In between my Calc discussion and my Chem midterm, I'm updating my blog. Yes, I probably should be cramming more worthless Chemistry into my feeble mind, but I prefer to be counterproductive when under stress. It works great, you should try it.

I got my final crash training workout in today between Spanish and Chem this morning. I did 2 15 minute ITT's (inividual time trials) of everything that I had left from these 10 super hard days of consecutive riding. Needless to say, I didn't have much left after those efforts. Therefore, I am effectively on the edge of overtraining.


Now the boring part begins--waiting. I'm not very patient. I want to be recovered by Wednesday so I can get out and explore some new routes, but I need to rest for 5 days straight in order to recover fully from these past 10 days. That's right, for every 2 hard ays I need at least 1 full day of recovery. The plan is to take Tuesday off (and get fitted at Cronometro), ride easy Wednesday and Thrusday, take Friday off, and then ride the new XTC build on Saturday and do an endurance ride to Blue Mounds on Sunday. The rest of the week leading up to Iceman will be short, <1.5 hour rides with short, intense intervals. Lots of recovery will be inclued in between the hard stuff, of course.

I feel like I've made some really significant gains over the past 10 days. I know that those gains will be even greater after recovering here for the next few days.

I have the can of Whoop-Ass in hand, now I just need to wait a few days to open it up.

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