Its time for the news

Some interesting things have been going on lately.

1) I got my bike fit done at Cronometro. Wow, what a great job...I got fit by Collin, a guy who has fit pros like Tyler Hamilton and designed wheels and frames for the world record hour. Amazing to know that his work probably means a whole lot more than anything that I know from 3-4 years of racing. Plus, he had a pair of these in the shop:

Wow, if only I had the $3800 for those wheels....yet Cronometro had 2 pairs, plus one of the *even more expensive* sets. Thanks, but I'll pass until I make six figures....or maybe 7!

2) Took a rigorus Chem exam on Monday evening, and I survived. Barely. I managed a BC grade, which was above average, but dissapointing nonetheless. I may as well get used to it!

3) Speaking of exams, I have one of those things in about 10.5 hours from now. Calc test. I better start studying...

4) I am actully snagging a ride home this weekend from my MOM. Thanks to her all the weaklings in Madison don't have to drag my sorry ass back to good ol' Green Bay.

5) All the equipment is in for the Giant XTC composite. I CAN'T WAIT TILL FRIDAY WHEN I GET TO BUILD IT UP! Ahhhh, it will be so beautiful. A ride is planned with Roland for Saturday morning at the Camp to try her out. Pictures to come shortly...

6) I need a new road frame too. It turns out that the Specialized Tarmac, although beautiful, doesn't seem to fit me too well. On the other hand, the Fuji Profesional is a perfect fit. Guess what bike frame I'm going to get?

So many bikes, and so much time to ride them. College sucks, doesn't it?

7) I'm skippin' the Spanish class again on Friday so I can get back up to GB on Thursday night before the Iceman. Should be a good time, if you know what I mean...

Well, given all those interesting topics on my mind, I'm tired. Time to sleep and "absorb" all that valuable calculus knoweldge into my brain>>>

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