Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3...

Here's D-Fowler struttin' his stuff at the Homecoming parade. I was busy finding my Brother and his friend--you know, the real important stuff. It's all work and no play for me.

It's time for the second round of MIDTERMS! I seriously need to study for my calc and chem exams this week, Monday and Thursday respectively, since I need a good grade. Here's a fun cacle therom:

If S(x) is a function representing the amount of time spent studying, and X is the amount of knowlede neccessary to obtain in order to recieve an "A" grade on a test, then
Lim t--infinity S(x)=infinity

Basicly, if you want an "A" on your test, you must be prepard to study for an infinate amount of time. I learn such usefull things in Caclculus...sadly I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer, so I may actually use this math stuff.

It was 42 degrees outside today (as a high). With wind gusts of 25-35mph out of the north, the wind chill factor was in the low 30's.

I still rode, and somehow, I really enjoyed myself. The Blue Mounds ride was rescheduled for next week on account of a torrential downpour in the morning, but the afternoon looked promising. I managed to sneak out in between rain showers (at least I thought so) and ride for a few hours.

That idea changed pretty soon. The rain began to smack against my WORS jacket, and my Specialized sunglasses became splattered with water and mud thrown up from my tires. Soon enough, I was doing intervals in the rain and wind, with no sun, and no fellow riders.

I loved it. I couldn't get enough of it, even though I was suffering from a hard week of riding, cold feet and toes, and a lack of ideal conditions. It didn't matter. I did 3 minute intense intervals with an all out sprint at the end, 5 times. Then I climbed Observatory hill twice, sprinting at the top for 40 seconds each time. It felt great regardless of the elements.

All in all, I rode 2 hours 30 minutes in the rain and wind today, 42.5 miles of what most would call suffering. But since I loved it, I enjoyed the suffering. There's a big difference there!

I hope my motivation to ride continues like this into next year so I can achieve all of my season goals. At this rate, I should be in PEAK condition for the Iceman in 13 days. Tommorow is my last crash training ride, only 1 hour long, but intense like a time trial. After that, I simply have to put my feet up and relax a bit. I did the work, now my body will adapt to it.

All those Sport guys aren't even going to know what hit them...the "Iceman" is here!

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