All's good in GB land

Here I am looking real upbeat, complete with a neckbrace and I-want-to-feel-normal swater.

BUT--I'm all smiles since my JAW is finally open. If you look closely some of the braces are still on my teeth in case my jaw goes out of wack again--yeah right!

On an even brighter note, I picked up my warrantee stuff from Specialized at the good old folks at JB Cycle today--Check out the sweet new Toupe' Carbon seat and Half-Time shades...

Can you say Style, Comfort, and Low Price all in one!? I mean low price only because I got this stuff on warrantee, partly because of my crash into an unfortunatly large tree trunk--thanks Pete! With this kind of equipment I'm going to be rockin' the race course next year...and at the Iceman!

I put in an order for my 06 Road bike...the Red/White Specialized Tarmac frame, in 58cm! Should go perfectly with the rest of the UW Madison kit--

Turns out I WILL be going to the Iceman in November, just got some politics worked out with Don at WORS. And the best part is that I qualified for the SPORT category, so that means I'm racing for the OVERALL WIN! Not to shabby, nor is the $200+ prize money I'm racing for...

I can't wait for the racing this weekend! Sheboygan rocks, it is by far one of the best courses @ WORS. Everyone get out there and cheer em' all on even if you can't race!

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