Can you believe this!

Today it is 44 degrees outside. Yesterday it was 82 degrees outside.

May the toe booties and arm warmers save us all from certain death.

Keep riding, it only gets bettter from here on out!

I may not be going to Iceman afterall. Dallas might have the midwest regional champ spot locked up after I missed the last 3 WORS races. Oh well, but Dallas definatly earned it. We were going to be neck-and-neck right now if it wern't for my injury. Suppose my doctor will be happy that I won't be racing again this year too!

Good luck this weekend @ Sheboygan, I'll be chillin' at the Equalizer taunting D-Fowler as he struggles through his first WORS Elite race. Sock it to em' buddy! Avoid the smokers at the top of the hill, their ciggarettes are known to cause 274,000 types of cancer---

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