Sheboygan -- Damn fast and Damn fun!

AHHHH! If you missed the Sheboygan WORS race you missed a good time. The racing was great cause' Fat Kats did a great job on the course, as usual. I throughly enjoyed watching the "smoking man" harrass/encourage all the riders up the Equalizer. It looked tough this year due to the loose sand and gigantic root at the top--but I wish I could've fallen hard on it, just to taste the dirt! Oh holy Sheboygan dirt, bless this fall on the Equalizer in the prescense of the Smoking Man....

Turns out the Comp race was kind of skewed. Tim Pacholski and Sam Wellskopf were duking it out for 1st overall when Wellskopf made his move and put a good 50 sec gap between himself and Pacholski. Unfortunatly, only 1/4 mile from the finish, Sam TOOK A WRONG TURN while passing an Elite woman racer. He said he looked down for a moment, then looked up and took the next turn in front of him!!! AHHH, I feel bad for Sam, he should've won. Pacholski already had the series overall locked up, and Sam deserved the win...the moral of this story? Keep your head up while racing!

There goes Sam...Look up!!!

D. Fowler managed a pretty SWEET finish @ Sheboygan...a hefty 31st overall and 3rd age category finish! Way to go GMAC, lets stack up those Elite riders and knock em' down one by one! Next year should be a great season, I can't wait to duke it out in WORS with Dallas--its always a fun time (as long as nobody gets hurt!).

Whatcha think Cole House is taking a look at over yonder.....?

Cole grabbed 9th overall against a tough field. He was stuck with Eppen most of the race, but someone probably butted in front of him again and pushed him back. Bet it was one of those "super-slow" singlespeeders like LaLonde!

Overall an awesome venue. I just hope I win the car next year!

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