Strangely satisfied...

I'm always amazed at how my view on college changes daily.

For example, today I took a Calculus test. I felt very confident that I did well even though it was a very difficult test. I feel like college is manageable, intersting, and possibly fun.

Two days ago, however, I felt like college was a hell hole. I screwed up my Chem midterm, forgot to call my firend on her birthday, and felt like my neck brace was strangling me while my wired-down jaw slowly and painfully suffocated me. Two days ago I wanted to leave and never come back.

I suppose the goal is to be somewhere in the middle of these two senarios. I'll get right on that one...

In the meantime, I have of course been thinking about training for next year. The bike I'm going to use: the GIANT XTC COMPOSITE! Check it out:

Fully built up she should be a solid 19 lbs, with a Manitou R7 fork, RF Deus crank, CB ti pedals, and some Stan's wheels (oh my God!). But now the only thing I can complain about is not being on an FS...no excuses, it'll be stiff and fast as can be.

I figure that for WEMS races I'll get a nice comfy seat and a Thudbuster suspension post. That way I can still do a 12hr solo next year (I'm thinking John Muir in April) and have fun at the 24-9, etc.

I'm currently working on making a spreadsheet of my training plans for next year. I've read the Mountain Bikers Training Bible by Joe Friel quite a few times--and this time I'm going to get the message right. I'll post the schedule when I get it done (hopefully this weekend).

Cooler temps=more fun on the mtb. Get out there and ride today--I'll watch you for 2 hours from the trainer.

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