The joys of Interbike

Check out the new FS design from Giant...now I've got a choice to make--Anthem or XTC? They're sayin' that it is 5.1lbs in sz Med, 85mm travel, comes with the fork I want....

It's pretty amazing to see that so many THOUSANDS of people show up in Las Vegas in September to see a whole bunch of new bike stuff. Dallas wnet last year and rode a ton of sweet bikes, while I sat in class, learning, studying, and preparing for the future...

...But I'd much rather go check out Interbike sometime. Vegas probably isn't going to be a city I like, but its hard to pass up the chance to ride the best of the new bikes out there. I could even pass it off as a way to save money instead of having to buy a new bike every year to find out whats the best setup. But I'd once again probably just end up spending more.

Lookey what I found here--a collection from my childhood. Now you know why I like these "extreme sports" where I can break my neck so much.


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