Spin class rocks

I got to rock the spin class today at the Nat...it was pretty sweet. Just imagine about 15 spin bikes in a racquetball court, lit up with christmas lights hanging on the walls, with strange pictures of spin class instructors looming all over the celling. Spookey; definatly. Beyond the measure of what I'll go through to train for the next few weeks; not even close.

After "spin class" I ran back to my dorm to shower because the showers at the Nat are very dirty--besides, it was cold and raining outside, do I was going to get dirty all over again anyway. Such is dorm life. One day you convice yourself that you can live like this, with a roomate in a small, crammed bedroom that is a sore excuse for a home, complete with moldy showers, stinking garbage, and roudy neighbors who smoke pot and blast music every day--hell, sometimes I get this crazy idea that its fun to live here.

Then reality comes up on my back and delivers a deadly "Judo-Chop" to my jugular vein. Dorm life really isn't great, but its comforting to know that you'll probably never have to live like this ever again. Yeah, until I decide to live out of car while taking a three month road trip accross the US.

Anyway, I gotta cram for some Calc midterms tommorow. In the meantime, check out Dallas' sweet Surly singlespeed decked out in mud this past weekend at Kewaskum. Wish I was racin too...look like the best race all year!

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