Mexican endeavours

So far in La Vuelta Mexico....

Pulled over by one traffic cop. Axel played it cool and got off with a warning. Act like you don't speak Spanish.

Hotels = amazing. 5 stars. Crazy views. Lovin' it.

200+ km stages. Never trust the race bible, the race is whatever the race director decides on the day to race.

Crazy crowds. Signing body parts and clothing daily at the starts and finish venues.

Crazy strong Mexican racers. Not many pro teams in Mexico, but a helluva lot of strong riders.

Crazy cobbles and speed bumps. Sketchy gets a new meaning down here.

Crazy saddle sores. You just don't wanna know.

Can't believe it's only stage 4...hump day tomorrow, only 4 more to go.




Hauser said...

Rub a little HOT sauce on them sores and race on!

Ben Raby said...

Yo Baumann good job man, and keep at it. Give Gustavo a punch in the arm from me.

Ryan Baumann said...

Gus is great, he mentioned you earlier in the race. Glad to have his help in this crazy country.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ryan, glad all is going well for you. Just letting you know that we are selling signed Ryan Baummann jerseys at JB. I got a Sharpie and a few of the old jerseys that we cant sell and put your name on them. Just kidding!What kind of body parts are you signing? Have fun, we are all proud of you at JB cycle.

Quinn from Green Bay