"Dude you need to stop talking during races"

Stage 7 - Short. 135 km. Windy, big rollers. Made the breakaway. Finally. Hamilton, Landis, Milne, Carlsen, perfect group. Flatted. No team car in sight. Another day on the bike.

Back in the peloton. Dude gets all up in my space. I've got nowhere to go. Give him a love tap back to his place. We lock bars. Down we go.

Stage 6 - Cobbles. Real. Big. Cobbles. Front derailleur gets all jittery on me. Then it decides to just fall off. Nothing like chasing back to the peloton at 60 kph motorpacing over Paris-Roubaix style cobbles and Belize style speed bumps. Could never forget that one if I tried!

Bridging up to the break. Stetina joins the bridge. Good move. Motoring now. Shift. Chain wraps around my crank. Twice. Back to the peloton. Give the front derailleur some "precise adjustments" courtsey of my foot. Back to good....

Bad luck hits all at once!

One day left in downtown Mexico City - and finally back to civilization. And by that I mean Starbucks.

You can thank Travis Brandt for that one.


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