Trek Demo and team bike photos

So ? What's the verdict on the new steeds? Unfortunately mine does not arrive until the first week of January, but a sneak peak never hurt.

This weekend I ventured back to Green Bay to visit the family and catch the Trek Bikes demo at the Reforestation Camp. Since I no longer own a mountain bike it's great to hit up the trails with some proper equipment, and not my cyclocross bike.

I tried out the Gary Fisher 69'er singlespeed....ouch. Singlespeeds are not my style. Then I tried on the Fisher Superfly for size. That's a nice bike--carbon hardtails are more my style. And the best part is I didn't even crash or injure myself. Cole House wasn't with me so success in this department was much more likely.

Well it's back to school again here. This semester is getting pretty hellish and I'm already looking for the end to come soon...



Geo said...

As a proper ambassador to the brand ...

Trek makes the 69er, Fisher makes the Rig which is their SS 29er.

You know me well enough, I can't just let that go. :D

Ryan Baumann said...

Ouch, called out on my own sponsor mishandlings already! What am I going to do come spring?