Training is HARD

Sunny Feels Like:
29°F 23°F

To combat the winter blues (which pretty much render me useless and laying on the couch all day long if in full effect):

1) Music, especially AC/DC and The Killers
2) Reading up on the scene at the Giro d' Lombardia on Pez (some good articles there lately)
3) Only oatmeal at the house....if you want a good meal, you have to ride to the coffee shop
4) Pretending the rollers are fun (actually an impossible task)
5) Realizing that if I don't ride, University life will be the rest of my life (boring).

Oh and the most important thing to clear up the winter blues:

Coffee consumption! Remembering that I can't have any until race day in the race season, it's great to imbibe until satisfied in the off season.

Off for a 29 degree ride,



Anonymous said...

Nothing like a cup o jo, Good work changing your sponsor list, when is the team going to have a website?

Ryan Baumann said...

I don't know when the website will be up, but I will post the link as soon as it is available.