Maybe just riding for team nobody

I've decided several things as of late:

1) I want to go back to race in Europe
2) The USA economy does not like itself. Bike racing is good for the economy.
3) Team hunting is much harder than Engineering school
4) Hippies are the only reason Madison does not get burned to the ground by conservatives
5) No teams want a old 22 year old racer since he'll be 23 the year afterward, and 23 is OLD.
6) Jonathan Page won Chequamegon with road race tactics. Why is everyone surprised?
7) Vangarderen is the real deal with a win at Tour L'Avenir.

So it's obvious that I don't have a team yet, and I'm not all that optimistic right now. The state of "things" changes every day. At this point I really don't know what to expect.

Not having a team is motivating, however--my 09 season training has already started in many ways. Even racing for team nobody, I'll be ready.



Shawn Hauser said...

I think I might have just found my second elite rider for the "new" Titletown Flyers! Welcome to the team and back to the dirt! :)

I agree that if you can get to Europe....go! That is great experience and racing for you guys, I told Cole the same thing....get outa here and race over there while you can!

What size clothing can I get you for the Flyers? Haha

Anonymous said...

Ryan you can do anything you set your mind to, this is a minor setback-be patient, it'll happen!

Ryan Baumann said...

Thanks mom and dad.

Jon Chodroff said...

That's cute.