The penguin returns

First off, my new nickname is the penguin as dubbed by Randy, Nick, Cheyne, and Travis in California.

U23 Nationals was up and down -- DQ'ed in the TT after what I thought was a good time due to a turnaround error, 16th in the crit...things weren't going well until I just got mad. At no one or thing in particular.

The road race went pretty well racing angry. I bridged to a break with too many dangerous riders in it, joining my teammate Nick 30 miles into a 120 mile race. We ended up staying away all day long. Slipstream/VMG dominated the break with 5 riders...it was their race to loose, and they played the race perfectly. Since the breakaway riders other than Slipstream/VMG were working well together, I chanced on being able to bring back most attacks on the last lap and waiting for a late race attack or sprint.

That plan went nowhere when we all cramped on the last lap and Peterson bridged up to Stetina and Carlson, negating our chances of chasing the leaders down. I felt surprisingly good, however, and play the sprint just right to take the last podium spot for 5th place. Phil Gaimon hung on for a great ride and 4th place.

Off to Downer's next weekend,


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