Luck running out?

Downers Grove was a great race, I just didn't have the luck. Legs were prepped and opened up - I felt surprisingly confident before the race considering I usually screw up crit sprints like it's my day job.

Saturday's tuneup race was a good opener. Too bad it was pitch black by the end...a crash with 2 laps to go split the field. I made the front split but didn't move up enough and ended around 30th.

Sunday was the Elite National championship race. I cruised the middle of the pack the first half of the race and let the ringers take all the preems. I could care less about preems at this point in the season. Who cares about prize money when it's nationals?

With 12 laps to go a nice breakaway formed with Adam Bergman and another Cal/Giant rider. That's a super dangerous move, so I made the bridge attempt at the top of the hill. I got most of the way to the breakaway, but couldn't close the last 100 meter gap. I realized after the bridge attempt that I needed to make the same move with 2 laps to go to win the race.

Going into 3 laps to go, my rear tire flatted and I practically ate it in a downhill corner. Sweet.

Hopefully I'll get one more chance this season,



Anonymous said...

Glad your back and blogging-what's with the penguin?

Anonymous said...

See previous post.

Adam Branfman said...


What's up man. Good to hear from you. I need your email to stay in touch. We'll see about cross. I have have a lot on my place the last month or so, outside of cycling, and havent raced since superweek. Ive needed a break from racing in general and have just been riding my bike as I feel like. I'm moving into the city this weekend with a friend, getting a puppy, and starting work. It's going to be a busy one. Not sure about cross yet. You? Any plans for the fall? Be in touch.