Oh Canada!

I'm on the Canadian border right now, enjoying an excellent breakfast of mini muffins and bran flakes from the esteemed Super 8 Motel in Newport, Vermont. The Keough brothers and I are headed up to "Le Coupe de Naciones Via Segeauy" somewhere north of Quebec City. It's a U23 Nations cup stage race, believe it or not. Guy East, Travis Brandt, and Cheye Hoag will be joining us in French land later this evening.

The past week after Gavi's crash, I headed up to Cape Cod to stay at the Keough family estate. The hospitality was fantastic, the Cape was beautiful, and training with Jake is hard work! We got some good long rides in to prepare for the upcoming stage races.

Next post will be in Frenchland.



Anonymous said...

Vive a la France! Bonne chance mes amis, la famillie t'aime, Ryan.

Anonymous said...

OOpps, make that votre famillia!

Jon said...

I still have cash for you.

Anonymous said...

Go team USA0the heck with the French