Good legs, Bad luck

Crashed at Somerville in a pileup. Broke a bike. Got a neutral. Attacked because I was pissed off. Consequently didn't have it for the finish to help Jake. Gavi is on the injured list.

Crashed at Ricola. Front clincher tire blew in a downhill left hand corner. Broke shoes, helmet, and bruised the other side of my body.

So really, it has been a good weekend.


Craig said...

Hang in there, Ryan.
You're still the man!
Great to catch up with you at WoW.
Get back in the saddle!
-craig g.

Alex said...

It's cool man - last weekend I crashed at BikeJam and then 2 days later Tank clipped me on a turn and I bruised my otherside.

Hang in there.