Hating on the local races

Today was the WCA Muskego Park road race, which I unhappily drove down to myself for 2.5 hours since there are a lack of bicycle racers in Green Bay. It was good to see some familiar faces from last year tearing it up--the likes of Kyle Jacobsen, the White Brothers, Schroetlin, Roessing, Crater, etc.

That being said, I have no intention of pulling ever again in a local race this year.

I attacked from the gun and got a nice split in the field after 1 lap, so things were swell. One Jittery Joes rider in the field helped me out and actually pulled through. Unfortunately I our group didn't keep the pace high enough and we came back on lap 3.

So I keep covering moves and attacking when appropriate. About 15 minutes into the race the JJ rider made a small attack on the downhill and bridged a 5 second gap to a random solo rider--or so I thought! Turns out it was Jacobsen up there drilling it, so that was a dumb move by yours truly. The duo got out of sight in the middle of the race and the chase was on.

I tried to bridge with ABD twice, to no avail. We got the gap down to a pretty small margin of 10-12 seconds, but every time we got close, the pack would sit up, I would attack, and everyone would take a breather afterwards and let the gap open up more. So, that was a bad idea.

Before this gets utterly boring, we didn't catch the break, it was a sprint for 3rd place. I jumped on the ABD leadout behind Crater with 500 meters to go. I jumped at the right time, but I pulled out of my pedal! Damn, it was the first time in a while I actually had 1500 watt jump at the end of a crit.

Here's to hoping I get out to New York in time for next weekend's Bank of America crit.



kyle J said...

bank of america what? Stick around here do the Willy race! WCA or bust!

Ryan Baumann said...

Thanks to Kyle's input, I'm sticking it out for Wheels.

As long as you promise not to hog all the breakaways this time, Kyle.

Shawn Hauser said...

Easy partner....no bike racers in Green Bay!!!! Youz gonna rile up all the locals if you keepz that up.....we gonna come git u!

You should have said....., not a lot of Category 1 racers to ride down to the Category 1 race with, they may not all be super duper fast but they are still bike racers!

Am I right?

Ryan Baumann said...

Who said I didn't want to "rile up all the locals" ?

I'll revise my comment on bike racers in Green Bay by saying:

There are few road racers in Green Bay. The town is so riled up about mountain biking that I couldn't convince anyone to drive down with me to Milwaukee.

See yall on Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...