Tucson riders

Phil Gaimon, Ryan Knapp, and I are down in Tuscon town this weekend in the Tucson Bicycle Classic stage race.

Pretty fun stuff has gone done, including:

1) Phil recounting his days as the Georgia state yo-yo champion
2) Ryan puking up breakfast at the back of the road race today. The meal? Potatoes! Mmm...
3) JC hooking us up with great feeds, thanks JC
4) Scraping Phil's 4-bike Saris rack on the ground at EVERY bump in the road, complete with $12000 of real estate on board
5) Sweet Tomatoes, the coolest buffet style restaurant, probably responsible for Ryan's puking
6) A Landis dude in the field today told me this Pro/1 race was "just his hobby"
7) The same dude called Phil a great new nickname--Ass Clown
8) Fig Newtons as race food...my new favorite!
9) Not having a TT bike for the prologue is not recommended
10) An anti-abortion evangelist in the feed zone trying to convince JC not to end his future baby's life

More tomorrow,


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