Tucson Bicycle Classic

I'm not going to recount this race since it pains me to think about it. The problems began at the prologue when I failed to bring a TT bike, and continued through the last day when Knapp crashed in the final 1 km and we passed the Cat 2 field during the sprint.

In the end, I snagged 9th in the TT, chased all day long stage 2 to move up to 3rd on GC, then survived day three and sprinted to 2nd place on the stage. Overall I ended up 5th.

What's important? Well,

#1, we visited Sweet Tomatoes three times in one weekend
#2, Ryan and I were harassed by the same crazy waitress at the Hotel Arizona multiple days. Her annoying mantra included "If you enjoy ANYTHING at the buffet, go get more," and "This is how you pour coffee."
#3, Phil's raunchy humor, including flatulence to the face, among many many other tactics

I need to start a quote book of this weekend's antics.

Redlands on tap,


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