Valley of the Sun road race

I'm already bored with the whole race report thing, so this is going to be brief.

90 miles, finish on a 5 minute climb, 6 laps. Went solo on the 1st lap, got pulled back. Bridged up to a big break of 11 on the 2nd lap and motored it with Rock Racing, Health Net, and Jittery Joes for most of the race. Took some KOM bonus seconds to try and take the U23 classification. Break got up to 2:30, but we were pulled back with 1 lap to go. Damn. I didn't have a great finish, but managed to get the same time in the front group.


Switters said...

wait, there's even a U23 comp. It used to be only in the Cat 2's. Whatev, I think I got a time penalty anyway. Stupid moto refs

Ryan Baumann said...

Serious? That would suck, I was looking forward to a good duel tomorrow in the crit. The U23 thing is just a cash prize for the top U23 anyway.

Hopefully we have some more good showdowns this year at some "real" races.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the crit, it looks like a short one-is it still windy? Better than the 12 in of snow and sleet here in good old WI.