Awkward looks

#1 -- I slaved at the doorstep of our home in Arizona the past two days awaiting the arrival of the Sakonnet team kits and schwagg. Finally it arrived on Thursday evening. Contained within it was a very surprising assortment of goodies and sponsor stuff. I could see the jealousy in Greg's eyes, and I totally basked in it for a while.

#2 -- I stole a TT bike from a local Phoenix area resident. Thank you? I'll give it back...

#3 -- Valley of the Sun started today. Gosh these guys are in shape early down here! I managed to put my newfound TT bike to good use though on today's 22 Km out and back test of cajones. Unfortunately, I was PASSED like a little girl after 15 Km and wanted to cry. I guess that dude was pretty fast though, since I still managed a not-quite-shameful 14th place, 2nd in the U23.

I s'pose its time to keep my head screwed on and to give the Schwinn a good ol' bike ride during tomorrow's stage. Save my spot in the bleachers if we're all disqualified for crossing the yellow line -- its gonna be a windy one.


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