Useury Pass

Took a nice 3 hour spin east of town. Also, enjoyed the newly purchased PS3 on a big screen TV thanks to Matt, Greg, and Cole. I'm tagging along for the ride with all these rich folk.


Alexander Sharon/Sugar Glydar said...

You guys think your a bunch of big shot salsa kings that can sweep in with your mambo moves
and your Erik Estrada looks, but I gota news flash for you Walter Chroncite, you can't.

Ryan Baumann said...

Ouch - I can't even respond to slander that demeaning. Well done.

High roller baller lifestyle count increased today, with Cole purchasing 2 more PS3 controllers, and Matt snagging a $1000 Espresso Machine and a stainless steel grill.

stratobiker said...

That rider in the USA shorts. Does he need to lose some weight?