So little time

Accomplishments come in various forms while riding a bike and pretty much nothing else.

Such as greeting the day right-

Or taking a normal backyard-

And making it into a big mess of sheet metal-

And a sly 3.5 hours of frustration later, creating party time success-

I should stick to riding bikes I think.


Shawn Hauser said...

Helmets boys, helmets...look a lot less cool without the helmet than they would with it.

Busted skull and hamburger brain, mmmmmm, sounds good!

Hope you all are having a good time! Be safe!

Ryan Baumann said...

A certain two don't wear helmets, I won't name them.

Shawn Hauser said...

Amen brother, my point exactly! Just tough to see with all of the crashes we read and hear about, too bad our Euro pros are not better role models.

Have a good time out there and stay in touch.